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The comprehensive Islamic lifestyle app with the most accurate prayer times, empowering and connecting Muslims worldwide.

1. Information we collect:

International Technology Mission only collects very basic information from all our users and it does not include any private information. The information we gather is only for improving your experience and giving you better versions of our features. This information will not sale to anyone.

1.1 General information and permissions:

No general information is collected from users. No specific information is collected by any user and the case is the same for all the users. The permissions we take are for the improvement of features of the app.
They are:
· We collect location to tell you correct Qibla direction, prayer timings and the Islamic data.
· We daily send only one notification for the ayat of the day and notifications for prayer time if permitted by the user in settings.
· Media storage (photo gallery) permission is required for downloading translations of Quran and for sharing Prayer times, Duas, Ayats and Gallery images.
· Device information is collected in order to have better insights into the crashes observed by users.
· Push notification requires device identifiers so we also collect that.

Can the permissions be changed later?

Yes, every sort of permission can be changed by every user by going into your device’s settings.

1.2 App analytics:

To know the statistics of a number of users with the parameters of region and device (model), we collect app analytics through Firebase(Google). We also use the same methodology to figure out the crashes occurrence.

2. How your information is used:

We save user’s preferences about notifications and other things.

3. Who gets your information:

We don’t have any user information to share with any social media platform. We have a strict policy for that. Different statistics number of install, views and so on are used for marketing purpose which is available on Firebase or Google.

4. Third Party websites and services:

In case of any questions regarding Privacy policy or any other matter, we are easily reachable at [email protected]

5. Privacy policy changes:

In case of any new feature or content or permission, International Technology mission has the right to change the privacy policy and users are highly requested to overview it from time to time.

6. Deleting your data:

If you wish to delete your data, please contact us at [email protected]. We will process your request and delete your data within 15 days. Please note that once your data is deleted, it will no longer be accessible.

Alternatively, you can delete your account yourself by following these steps:

1. Open the Islam360 app and access the side menu.

2. Navigate to "Settings."

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen and select "Delete Data and Logout."

4. Confirm your choice by selecting "Delete Data and Logout" on the confirmation popup.

5. In the text box, type DELETE in capital letters, then select "Delete Data and Logout" again.

6. An alert will appear confirming that your account has been successfully deleted.

7. You will receive a confirmation email at your registered email address confirming that your account has been deleted.

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

7. Disclaimers:

· All Quranic translations are composed manually and hence are bound to contain human errors. If any error is found and reported it will be corrected ASAP.
· Namaz timings are specific to user’s location. They might differ from your local Masjid depending upon your location that is collected via Google. It is preferred that you follow your local masjid in case of any confusion.
· Sahih Bukhari translated by Maulana Dawood Raz.
· Sahih Muslim, Sunnan-e-Nasai, Sunnan Ibn e Maja, Sunnan-e- Abu Dawood translated by by Darussalam Publication.
· Jama-e-Tirmazi translated by Darud Dawa New Dehli.
· Sunnan e Abu Dawood translated by Darussalam Publication.
· Sunnan e Nasai Translated by Darussalam Publication.
· Sunnan e Ibn e Maja translated by Darussalam Publication.
· As-Silsila tus Sahiha translated by Fazlee Sons Karachi.
· Musnad Ahmed translated by Ansa-us-Sunnah publication Lahore.
· Mishkat ul Masabeeh translated by Maktaba Islamia.
· Sahih Zaeef Hukum on Abu-Dawood, Sunnan-e-Nasai, Ibn e Maja, Mishkat ul Masabeeh by Sheikh Zubari Ali Zai.
· Sahih Zaeef Hukum on Tirmazi, As-Silsila tus Sahiha by Sheikh Nasir ud din Albani.
· Sahih Zaeef Hukum on Musnad Ahmed by Sheikh Arnaoot.

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Learn Quran

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